COVID-19 Updates

The Giiwednong Health Link (GHL) has taken important steps to support our member First Nation Health Centres navigate through these uncertain and challenging times. The health, safety, and well-being of our respective work teams and the people that we serve is our priority.
From our respective home based offices, the GHL Team continues to be technologically prepared via remote or virtual access means to seamlessly respond to your Health Centres’ digital health needs.

How GHL is Helping our Indigenous Partners:

Remote Access to your EMR. At this time, many front line workers, including many First Nation Health Centre workers are required to service their First Nation membership from home. To support these remote access needs, GHL is working closely with 3rd party IT providers to respond to and facilitate requests for mobile EMR access for remote health care delivery.

Virtual Visits. GHL has researched the various virtual care software options and can recommend and support the implementation of appropriate virtual care software to best meet your needs.

Screening and Assessment Tools. GHL has implemented COVID-19 screening and assessment forms. These have been shared with your Health Centre and our GHL team is ready to work closely with your Health Centre to implement these and other COVID-19 related tools in your EMR.

Remote PS Suite EMR Support & Staff Training. We remain available to respond to your EMR Support questions and can still provide remote PS Suite training and refresher courses for your EMR Users.

You may reach us by calling our toll free # 1 800 985 5713 or by email at:

Telus Health EMR Support #

COVID 10 Updates and the Self Assessment Tool